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United States

Brows by Carina – Carina

Went from stressed to her limit not making money, $1200 total the month before PMU Launch to making 13k in 2 months & being booked up 6 weeks in advance!

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Brows by Carina – Carina (1 year later)

Made over $20k with PMU Launch. Now is turning into a leadership position and managing a team. She appreciates the transformative results on her personal and professional life and recommends anyone hesitant to take the leap.

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Color by Chelsea

From relying on traditional methods of client acquisition to stepping into the realm of digital marketing, Chelsea made more than $14,000 in 1 month!

The Newport Brow – Jessica 

Was using a Marketer before & didn’t have success with it, when she started with PMU Launch the first week she got 3 clients & now has on average 3-5 new clients a week!

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The Newport Brow – Jessica  (1 year later)

Made $19,000 last month and is on track to make $20,000. Jessica highlights UpLevel’s impact on improving her closing percentage and business organization.

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Em Brow Artistry – Emily

Was very hesitant about joining the PMU Launch program because of a bad experience with a previous marketer. Then she made $35,000 in revenue and 90 new clients!

The Ink Girl – Cassi

Wanted to find something that would allow her to spend more time at home. She loved permanent makeup and the beauty industry.

 Brows Design – Daniela

Was a dental assistant and wanted to have more freedom in her schedule and make more money. She made $6k in less than 1 month.

Onyx Parlor – Michelle Sage

Joined the PMU Launch program to get herself out of debt and now she has been able to generate $7,000 in 30 days.

Blush and Brow – Stephanie

Decided to open up a studio in her hometown. She took a business loan and was wondering how to sustain all of this. Then she found PMU Launch.

NV Beauty Loft  – Nipha  

Went from not having consistent clients and barely paying for rent to consistently make 5k per month. Cash collected within 6 weeks since Launch.

Stay Gold Cosmetic Tattooing – Eloisa

Been in the tattoo/piercing world since 1997. She wanted to change her life by getting into Microblading and PMU.

SG Lashes and Brows – Shay

Been doing lashes for about 14 years, and decided to get into brows six years ago. She was putting her name out there but wasn’t getting what she needed. And now she made $8k in 1 month!

Microblading Guru – Poonam 

Been a permanent makeup artist for four years and has Microblading Studio. Her books were empty and she started to panic. Buti with PMU Launch, she made $15k in 1 month!

Lux Cosmetic Ink – Thanh Luong

Was a part-time nurse and started without a portfolio or catalog. She managed to make $12,000 with PMU Launch!

Brows by Milan

Wanted to get a career where she could have a work-life balance and more time with her baby. Now she made almost $30k!

Do U Beauty – Andrea

Was doing great work, but wasn’t getting as many clients as she wanted to. Everything changed when she joined PMU Launch.

Bliss Beauty Brows – Miranda

A single mom that worked two full-time jobs before joining PMU Launch. Now she made $8k working three days a week.

Galax PMU – Thu Tran

Lowered her prices but still struggled to attract clients. Before joining the PMU Launch program she received around 2-4 clients. Now she made $5k in revenue in 1 month!

Natural Touch Microblading – Natalie

Had difficulty getting started due to moving to different places and finishing school. She is also a mother to an 18-month-old and only works part-time. Despite the challenges, she made $6k in 1 month.

Polished by Rae – Raven

Had a steady flow of customers but had to constantly offer specials. That wasn’t enough to reach the goal of 10-15K per month. She signed up for PMU Launch and now is doing great!

 Cihe Microblading Studio – Cintia

Struggled with communication and lost clients due to not knowing how to engage with them properly. Her strategy for acquiring clientele wasn’t working but with PMU Launch she made 33 clients.

Merali Beauty – Sanjana

Learned how to communicate with people effectively, especially in terms of sales. She discovered that persistence is essential to success and is passionate about her work.

Metamorphosis Microblading – Autumn

Had to adapt to new marketing techniques since traditional advertising like paid print ads is no longer used as frequently as before.

Ava Beauty Studio

Used PMU Launch as a resource to grow her business. She invested in her own personal and professional development and now is booked 1 month in advance.

Pure Ink SMP – Diana

Worked as a nurse hygienist before the launch. She attempted to run Facebook Ads but felt lost. After PMU Launch, Diana began to gain referrals from clients and established a solid customer base.

Mona Beauty Studio

Was struggling to attract clients for her business. Despite paying a marketing company she barely made $2k. Then she started learning with PMU Launch. Within a month, she made $11,000.

Luna’s Lashes – Aylana

Had no idea how to promote her business or use social media effectively. Thanks to PMU Launch, Aylana is now able to attract 15-20 clients per month, which has improved her business.

The J Effects Brows by Janae 

Started doing eyebrows right at the beginning of the pandemic. She invested money and never gave up on starting her business, then managed to get 35 clients and $18,000 in 3 months.

Nox Beauty Med Spa – Jen Karla

Been doing laser hair removal for 2 years. She tried to gather clientele by word of mouth but wasn’t working and her bills were piling up. Now she made over $9k in 1 month with PMU Launch.

Blading by Chrissy

Was coming out of a bad contract with a marketing firm that almost took her out of business and decided to just give it one last shot. She went from being in debt to making $10k in 6 weeks.
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The Diamond Beauty Bar – Devonna

Started as a booth renter at a salon, giving discounts to get more people booked and build a portfolio. She learned how to market & sell and closed 27 new clients ($12,000) in just 6 weeks.

Lanai Beauty Bar – Asia

Struggled to find her niche and have a consistent clientele.  Now she is confident and has closed 20 clients in 2 months with PMU Launch.


Veridia Cosmetic Tattoo Salon – Cathy

Was a pharmaceutical representative for many years and wanted to do something different to regain job satisfaction.  She went from zero to generating $8,400 in just 2 months.

Brows By Cid – Cidney

Went from being discouraged at first to getting more clients, making more money, and staying busy. Making $17,000 since she started with PMU Launch.


Nativis Brows by Kate

Opened her own studio but didn’t know how to market herself. Now with PMU Launch, she’s closing people left and right.

Permanent Cosmetics by Jayla

Went from 2 clients a month to 4 clients a week. Being a single mother and working part-time, she managed to make her income go from $420 to $3300 in 1 month.

(Requested to not share website)

Haus of Highbrow – Mary

Started from ground zero and learned the dynamics of running her own business. And now she’s closing at above 33%. She’s projected to make over $7,000 in 1 month.

Pure Skin Aesthetics – Jaime

Went from having a tough time closing clients to making over $10,000 in 1 month with 33 new clients!

Kalon Studio and Academy – Katie

She was a successful PMU artist with a team already and she came into PMU Launch because she wanted to book out her team more! Within 4 weeks we added an extra $6500 in revenue.

Hashtag Brows & More – Jodi

Was a full-time flight attendant, did permanent makeup part-time, and wanted to do less of the airlines and be home more. She made $13,000!

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EnchantInk Studios – Agata

Decided to transition from makeup and do permanent makeup after 23 years and made 36 new clients and $18,000 in revenue.

AKB Beauty Studio – Andressa

Had a babysitting job and worked part-time on her business, but still managed to earn $8,000 in 1 month.

New Image Permanent Makeup – Danielle

Always had a hard time with closing consults, after 2 weeks of our process closed 9 bookings & paid for her entire investment.  After 6 weeks closed 15k!

Palm Beach Microblading Studio – Jacqueline

Went from 2-4 new clients a month to booking 7 new clients within 7 days from launch & then closed 20k in 4 weeks. 

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Beauty With A Blade – Michelle

Went from trying to find a way to pay rent before PMU Launch to making over $20,000 in 60 days & being booked up 3 months in advance!

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Brow Girl Beauty – Romina

Went from maybe 2 clients a week to 6-8 clients a week since joining PMU Launch! Last month she did an extra $7,000 & is projected to do $9,600 in April! She already planned to take a vacation in May! All while still working a full-time job!

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Vivid Beauty Design – Vivian

Went from 1-2 total clients a month to 15 clients while learning how to market & sale business structure to be successful!

Krystal Bella Brows

Started with us working a job in December making 5k in 4 weeks & Quit her job on Jan 28th & did 6.9k in the month of February! She’s already booking into Mid April!

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SMP Ink – Rodger

From not having consistent clients & not knowing how to find people to learning how to sell & convoy his offer as an SMP Artist and making $17K in just 8 weeks since Launch!

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Nu-Lx Studio – Nicole

Nicole was trying to find a way to find new ways to get clientele in her studio & when she found our ad she connected with it, came into our ecosystem & got her business to a $7,500 per month business within her first 4 weeks! 

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Brows by Ashley – Delgar & Ashley

How Delgar & Ashley were able to go from inconsistent clients a month to a consistent & stable flow of 15-20 new clients a week with their PMU business!

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Camo Glam – Sheena

Despite still working full-time as a nurse, she pursued her passion by opening her own business and now made $16k.

Royalty Tattoo – Charles & Joanna

Went from $300 in their bank account to adding an extra 4k/per month within the first 6 weeks while both are still working full-time jobs! Joanna put in her 2 weeks to do this full-time!

Brows By Josh – Josh

Went from posting online to adding our philosophy into his business & life in just 3 weeks he changed this life perspective & closed 5 new clients!

(Requested to not share website)

Instyle Blading – Ifeoma

Always had a hard time closing with consults, after 2 weeks of our process closed 9 bookings and paid for her entire investment. After 6 weeks closed $15k!

Inked by Kristina Murphy

Went from 3k-5k months to getting booked out 2 months in advance & closing $21,800 in 37 days.

Emerald Eye Esthetics – Courtney

Had inconsistency in her schedule and now is fully booked out 4 weeks in advance.

Tone & Medium Cosmetic Tattooing – Tracy

Went from spinning her wheels during summer to getting an extra 14 clients in the first 40 days from launch. 

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 Radiant Skin and Brows – Rachel

Went from $3,000 a month to $7,000 a month in the first 30 days with PMU Launch!

Karolyn Brows and Beauty

At first, she was very scared of the investment, but it ended up being worth it for sure.

Divine Brow Bar – Cara

With PMU Launch’s guidance, she surpassed her initial goals of acquiring two clients per week and now secures an impressive five to six clients weekly.

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Eternal Beauty Studio – Charlene

Was struggling with advertising on platforms like Facebook until she found PMU Launch, which provided effective marketing strategies. Since joining, she has seen a significant increase in clients and referrals.

United Kingdom

Blushed Cosmetics – Kerry

Was very new to permanent makeup. She didn’t know her target audience and how to get work out there. Now she closed 23 new clients with PMU Launch!

Laura Haig Aesthetics

Built a very successful business in Scotland, but she needed to take it to the next level. She reached out to PMU Launch for guidance and was able to make £40,000 with our help.

Uniscalp – Sada

Before joining PMU Launch, she had no leads and didn’t know where or how to find them. Now she’s closing clients left and right and made over 4,000 in revenue.

Venushhome – Venus

Went from discounting and not having anything else to lose to going viral on TikTok & Instagram with 450k views and getting 40 clients per month.

Permanent Makeup by Chiara

After working with PMU Launch, she successfully raised her prices and became fully booked for August, handling around 20 clients per week. Chiara was pleased with the results and had to open her September slots due to continued inquiries.
(Requested to not share website)

North West Scalp Clinic – Leigh

Incorporated our marketing system and went from not having consistent clients to £15k and £20k in revenue in 6 weeks since Launch!

Microblading by Penny

The program helped Penny optimize her Instagram profile, run effective ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, and become self-sufficient in her marketing efforts.
(Requested to not share website)


Lavish Lip Lounge – Darlene

Worked at a restaurant and did lip blush and permanent makeup part-time. She was struggling to get clients, but then everything changed for the better when she found PMU Launch!

Muse Beauty Bar – Nancy

Was working from home but wasn’t able to get consistent results. Now she made over 30k with PMU Launch.

GlamSkin by Zeina

Was working at a spa and decided to have her own business. She started from home and was very nervous at the beginning. In 1 month, Zeina made over 10k with PMU Launch.

Black Market Barber Co & SMP – Nicholas

Got into barbering and SMP to get out of the oil and gas industry. He was committed to learning how to market and sell and now made 30,000 in 2 months.

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Kissed By Karen

Went from not knowing marketing & sales to 2 months of being booked out 5 weeks in advance while working part-time. 

BOSS Beauty by Sarah Aubert

Was initially skeptical about the program due to past experiences. Her monthly revenue was inconsistent, but after joining PMU Launch, she made close to $14,000 monthly and also built a healthy waitlist.

Joie Day Spa – Adrea

Was burning out doing the work and the spa wasn’t profitable. Then she realized changes were necessary, now with PMU she managed to make $185k in 90 days and has the largest Day Spa in the city.

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Anna Tymofiyeva Makeup

A makeup artist and hairstylist specializing in wedding events. She needed to get confidence and more clients. Made $10,000 in less than 2 months.

CMP Cosmetic Tattoo – Crystal

Paid a marketing team but wasn’t seeing results as she was barely making enough money to pay the bills. After joining PMU Launch, the tables have turned for her.

Envy My Brows – Dragana

Been in the cosmetic tattoo industry for the past 7 years and her ultimate goal was to start teaching. She made $25k in revenue with PMU Launch.

LisaH Cosmetic Tattoo

Went from giving discounts and doing eyebrows for family and friends to crushing it with over 10k in revenue.

Mystique Mink – Maria Michelle

Was a dental nurse full time, but decided to resign and invest in her own business. Now she made $12k with PMU Launch.

Scarlett Brow Studio

Went from 5k per month to a record 21k per month and grew her following from 3k to 50k within 90 days!

Sueperb Cosmetic Tattooing – Sue

Was stressed about getting new clients booked and having a lack of consistency with ups and downs. Now she made $12k in revenue with PMU Launch.

Turn Back Time Beauty – Zalfa

Was used to word of mouth and struggling with clients, but she was determined to make it work. After PMU Launch, she managed to make $15k!