Luck Is Preparation Meeting Opportunity

Success isn’t born, it’s made. To us, success is a science.

We don’t believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect.

We aren’t traditional or typical so our method is different from what is normal for education.

The traditional method of education is broken, so we came up with our own.

We do education differently

Instead of treating education as a linear mechanical process, we treat it as a non-linear symbiotic process (like nature).

Linear education (old)

Most universities and online courses use a linear education system that resembles an assembly line. The student consumes unpersonalized information and then is expected to achieve real-world results.

Non-linear education (new)

PMU Launch uses a non-linear education system that resembles the symbiotic process of nature. We provide an environment, building blocks, mental reprogramming, real world application and feedback so you can optimize for and achieve your life goals.

How our method works

Traditional education systems produce cookie-cutter humans with no souls or uniqueness.

Our goal is to provide students with an environment and building blocks — then we let emergence & free thoughts to happen.

Proven Process


A student’s ability to grow is heavily influenced by their environment. We understand this so we provide the ultimate learning environment with an online community, accountability, live Q&A’s and mentorship.

Mental Reprogramming

Mental Reprogramming

The #1 killer of education is psychological, not logical. For students to learn and evolve, we must reprogram their minds to enhance awareness, cognition and remove delusions of why it can’t work.
Proven Process

Real-world goals

Our students get rewards, but only applied rewards, degrees & certificates received for “completion” isn’t the same as applied rewards that are aimed for, optimize and achieved in the real-world goal.

Mental Reprogramming

Real-world application

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. We cover the theory, then instantly apply it in the real world to see what happens. This creates “thinker doers”. The only way to successfully achieve anything is with applied actions.

Proven Process

Real-world feedback

Learning requires feedback so students can measure progress and iterate actions to improve. Our students get feedback from the market, not quizzes, tests or assignments.

We teach the full stack

Most courses teach a specific skill like organic DMs or posting content online, this creates clueless entrepreneurs who don’t understand the whole.

To succeed in business you need to learn the business as a whole & we lay it out into 6 weeks of material.

Knowledge Library

  • Top 100 Book lists – stacking skills
  • Motivational / Inspirational videos
  • Live Q/A Recordings

Week 1. Building Your Foundation

Building your business foundation are fundamental beliefs, rules, or values that represent what is desirable and positive for the business and the people within it. Business principles together form a philosophy.

We think differently about business, we see it as analytical, quantitative, scientific and more “engineering” than “charismatic”. We have a bias towards value and results, not social popularity.

We teach our students our idiosyncratic business philosophy and allow them to adopt it as their own or edit it so that it’s more personally aligned to their own beliefs and philosophy.

PMU Launch’s business philosophy is built on 12 principles:

Who you serve inside you the beauty industry

Find an area you’re interested in, focus on it and understand it better than anybody else.

Solve a problem

Identify a painful widespread problem your niche has and solve it with your product.

Clientele obsession

Do what’s best for your customer, because that is what’s best for you, you just don’t know it.

High standards

Great just isn’t good enough. Set excruciatingly high standards & demand them from everyone.

Relentless grit

Some people work harder, some smarter, some longer. We do all three at once.

Laser focus

Keep the main thing the main thing and ruthlessly eliminate distraction.

Go all in

Be all in or get all out. There’s no halfway, no plan b. Thinking small is self-fulfilling prophecy.

Value > fame

Business is a game of solving problems, adding value and getting paid. Fame is not business.

Think scientifically

Use data, test and iterate everything to improve.

Systemize and measure everything

Think in systems: Inputs, processes, outputs and feedback. Measure & optimize everything.

Profit > Revenue

Profits are more important than Revenue. Seek to grow cash flows & profits, not revenue.

It’s all about the long-term

Make short-term sacrifices for long-term success. Business is a marathon, not a sprint!

Week 2: New paradigm & world view

Self-awareness is the boot loader for everything. It’s responsible for your identity, self-image, belief systems, awareness of your own actions, thoughts and behavior.
It’s the “awake and alert” function that allows you to catch things, identify patterns, think rationally and avoid delusions, and your ability to self-control and self-discipline when emotions kick in.

We start our work here by flushing out delusions, rebuilding identities and making people more conscious of reality.

Taking ownership

Understanding that your life situation is nobody’s doing but your own. You create it.

Self awareness

Becoming aware of who you are, psychology, self image, biases, interests, behavior patterns.

Changing your identity

Taking a baseline of your current identity, designing a new one and growing into it.

Rebuilding belief systems

Taking an audit of everything you believe to be true and rebuilding it from the ground up.

Feedback loop intervention

Understanding the exponential function of consciousness. Hacking it up, catching it down.

Laser-like focus

How to shut out the noise and concentrate intensely for extended periods of time at will.

Self-discipline & impulse control

How to control your impulses, stick to plans, see things through and never waver on goals.

Machine-like consistency

Developing extreme grit so that you can work 12-hour days, 6-day weeks, for years on end

Week 3. The Art of Client Conversion

Client conversion is the single most important skill set to learn, if you can successfully understand how to communicate your message & offer properly you will never go broke again because you can sell.

We start by understanding the processes & the basics of sales so you can communicate more efficiently & effectively to convert at higher levels.

Message Scripts

Use our proven battle tested scripts to get a stranger to a phone call.

Examples of how to convert vs not to convert

We give you real world examples of what to do & what not to do with our scripts for ultimate success.

How to turn leads into clients

There is a science to converting strangers into a phone call. We teach it.

The Follow Up Sequences

Learn the most efficient way to check in with potential clients with value.

How to Convert more with the 3 Cs

Ethically convert more by understanding the 3 Cs that makes people trust, like, & believe you.

Sales Call scripts for consults

We share with you the phone call script & an overview of how to use it.

Handling Objections & closing the deal with a single call

Sales are easy when you can close the deal with a single call. We can show you how.

Week 4. Setting Up Your War Machine

Systems and automation

How to create and optimize efficient systems, leverage technology and machine automation.

Setting up your domain and website

Instructions that show you how to set up your domain and website quickly and for free.

Websites and funnels

Creating websites, landing pages and funnels, by yourself. Be better than experts & get it free!

Opening up your LLC / DBA & Accepting credit cards

Incorporating your company & connect it to a credit card processor.

SEO Learned

Get your business to rank on Google without having to pay a marketer, learn the steps.

Instagram Organic Clients

Learn how to use your social media to book clients.

Providing Financing

Learn how to help clients work with you by providing financing.

Week 5. Unleashing Facebook Ads

Once you have the proper offer & mesange created & you are ready to share it to the marketplace, the best way to get predictable clients & results is with pay traffic. Every successful business does marketing & primarily because there is a clear Return on Investment if you are good.

When you unleash Facebook Ads you will know exactly how much is invested & how many inquiries you get to then how many clients you get. This is true numbers because everything has a tangible outcome with online marketing. Learn the game & get booked out for real with predictability.

Getting Attention & Generating interest

There’s a process to get someone to stop scrolling & read what you got to share.

How to get leads with a stimulus

The right stimulus gives potential clientele a feeling that they need your service, learn the right stimulus.

Writing Copywriting That Sells

Copywriting is words that sell, understand how to use your words to make clicks into leads.

Creating Facebook ads

Instructions, templates, tools and software to create world class Fb ads that truly dominate.

How to Facebook Ads

The ins & outs to scale your ads to $100 a day with ROI to generating interest, leads, appointments and hot prospects ready to buy.

PPC advertising and CRO

Facebook ads, testing, scaling, split tests, conversion rate optimization, domination!

Overcoming Facebook Bans

There are rules to keep your account clean & ready to operate.

Week 6. Setting up Systems

Business processes are sets of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular result.

Every business discipline has multiple business processes that sit on top.

Think of them as step-by-step instructions, like a recipe for baking a cake, except for anything!


How to manage your entire business like a machine. Systemize and optimize for optimal efficiency.


How to scale from 3 customers to $1m /year at breakneck speed with systems/automation.

Systems and automation

How to create and optimize efficient systems, leverage technology and machine automation.

Management and hiring

How to hire contractors and employees, management, culture, performance tracking.

Accounting, cash flow and finance

Instructions, tools, software and systems to do your books, maximize profits, know your KPI’s.


How to dominate your market with asymmetric warfare strategy & tactics unseen in business.