3 ways on how to get new beauty clientele month over month

May 19, 2021

The competition in permanent makeup has been getting stronger, especially in the past couple of years. In fact, permanent makeup is one of the fastest-growing branches within the beauty industry. Considering all the benefits of permanent makeup as a career offers to cosmeticians and the growing demand from customers, it’s no surprise.

For your salon to become successful, renowned, and profitable, you need to build a strong and sizeable clientele. The basis for this is quality service, obviously, but there are other significant factors, the most important of which is advertising.


Marketing is the secret behind the success of so many businesses, and social media is the secret weapon of permanent makeup artists who are just starting out. You need to put your name out there so as many people as possible hear about your salon and the services available.

Traditional marketing outlets like magazines and television are out of reach for most small business owners due to price. The same goes for professional PMU’s; in the beginning, the expense could end up exceeding the profit.

Luckily, new ways of marketing are working out perfectly for permanent makeup artists. Alternative media outlets like Instagram and Facebook are an obvious first step in creating an image for your business, so set up social media pages as soon as you start working. You need to learn how to advertise with Instagram’s new paid advertising services. Make sure all your social profiles look good and are ready to look appealing to new clientele.


In permanent makeup, a good word goes a long way. Satisfied clients will recommend you to their friends if they’re asked. This is bound to happen naturally and spontaneously, but why not speed this up? Stimulate your clients to spread your name by starting a referral program that would work something like this: for every new client they bring you, they could get special discount points on their next treatment. Or a special gift for every 5 clients. Get creative and figure out what works best for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that each client is an advertisement – they wear your work everyday. A job well done attracts interest, so make sure both you and your client are happy with the results before they leave your salon; one botched pair of brows or a wonky permanent eyeliner can ruin your reputation, especially in small communities.